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The Sungold Group


The Sungold teaching philosophy is to equip each student with both the skills and the tools to tackle any kind of professional sharpening job with confidence and skill that keeps clients coming back again and again.

Sungold training and equipment packages are the most comprehensive and best value in the industry- Period!

We believe that we offer the "best of class" tools available for the professional sharpener. From our "Professional Sharpener" a “Turn-Key” Business Training and Development package which includes FIVE sharpening systems and all the necessary supplies to start a professional sharpening business to additional tools and equipment to support your business as it grows, you can find it here.

There are NO franchise fees or monthly charges for Sungold Trained Professionals.

For more information about the sharpening machines included with the Professional Sharpener Course or to purchase machines separately, click here.

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Professional Sharpener Course

The Professional Sharpener Course is a Four (4) Day - Forty (40) Hour Complete Training - all Machinery and Accessories included - Package Deal.

$9,500.00 with the new Hira-To® Sharpening Machine (instead of the Sungold Machine) for a deluxe sharpening package.

A $1,500.00 deposit is due at time of booking.


This is a Turn-key Business Package deal. It includes all the equipment and training you need to run a successful professional sharpening business.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • The Sungold Flat Hone Sharpening Machine, weighs a mere 17 pounds without any accessories. The clamp arm assembly is adjustable for right, left, or center corrugation on scissors. The sophisticated control board allows for a choice of variable speed for sharpening. This made in USA machine features a magnetic head that allows for a quick change of the 5 inch steel discs and a heavy duty USA made servo-motor.

  • 1 Clamp arm attached

  • 1 Machine Clamp

  • 1 Machine Cord

  • 1 Convex Sharpening Book

  • 1 Advanced DVD

  • 1 Shear Check Plate

  • 1 Shear Bender

  • 1 Japanese Waterstone,4000,8000 grit

  • 1 Stone Holder

  • 6 Each 30-15-9 Micron PSA Disc Papers

  • 6 Each 30-15-9 Micron H&L Disc Papers

  • 1 Each Cushion & Solid PSA Disc

  • 1 Each Cushion & Solid H&L Disc

  • 1 Leather Disc

  • 1 Corrugating Disc

  • 1 Scissor Repair Kit

  • 1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver

  • 1 Pocket Folding Screwdriver

  • 1 "Twice as Sharp Scissors Sharpening Machine"® with Sharpening Videos.

  • 1 High quality Belt Sharpening machine.

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2 Day 20 Hrs

Advanced Sharpening Course

The Two Day Twenty (20) Hour Advanced Sharpening Course is a no-machine, training only course for advanced sharpeners.

The price for this course is $2,500.00 with a $750.00 deposit at time of booking

If you are already a professional sharpener, have equipment, but need advanced training from Mr. Pintel on speciality and difficult items to sharpen such as Japanese Shears - this is the course for you!

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

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Sharpening Technician Training

Just got promoted and have the responsibility to maintain cutting equipment, or does your organization need to set up a factory or farm sharpening station and don't know where or how to begin? Or do you just want specialized sharpening training in a specific area?

Let's face it, dull cutting tools cost time and money. In fact, they can be downright dangerous to use if not properly aligned and sharpened. Sungold Group will deliver a focused sharpening training course to fit your exact needs. Learn how to quickly and efficiently sharpen the professional cutting equipment you rely upon.

This option is ideal for students like technicians who maintain cutting tools and equipment in factory, janitorial, maintenance departments, and farm environments, as well as artisans such as knife makers who have a specific area of interest they want to specialize in.

These is a training only option. If you also need equipment, Sungold Group will be pleased to make equipment recommendations from our extensive sharpening machine product line to fit both your needs and your budget.

The price for training is $1,250.00 per day with a $500.00 deposit at time of booking

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

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Fast Start Sharpener Training

Looking to get your sharpening career off to a fast start? This One Day training course is for you!

This turn-key business program includes training, and all the equipment and extras needed to get started in business as a sharpener.

The student will be trained in the art of sharpening on a new light weight variable speed machine.

This package includes:

  • Variable Speed Sharpening Machine

  • Japanese water stone

  • Holder

  • Setting tools

  • Scissor plier

  • Miscellaneous parts

  • Special compounds

  • Leather strop

  • Special instruction dvd

The price for training and equipment is $2250.00, with a $750.00 deposit at time of booking

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

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The Manicure Equipment Sharpening Course

In the state of California alone, there are over 98,000 manicurists and growing! Manicurists use specialized cutters and nippers which require their own specialized sharpening techniques. This is a huge potential market for professional sharpeners.

This intensive half day class concentrates on manicuring equipment sharpening. This course is a training package only with emphasis on speciality sharpening machines (available separately from Sungold) designed to sharpen the small tools manicurist use.

The price for this course is $850

Students will learn to do manicuring equipment sharpening including the cuticle nippers which are hard to do for most sharpeners.

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

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Professional Sharpener Master Class

In response to numerous student requests, Sungold Group has now added a Sharpener's Master Class for experienced sharpeners.

This intensive half day training only class is for experienced sharpeners to brush up on their technique, or learn how to use some of the latest equipment. Each class is custom designed to cover the specific area or areas you need advanced training in.

The price for this course is $800.00.

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

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Speciality Sharpener Courses

The Speciality Sharpener Courses are for Experienced sharpeners only. These are custom designed, one day, ten( 10) hour intensive sharpening courses concentrated on specific speciality sharpening techniques and applications.

The price for this course is $1,500.00 with a $500.00 deposit at time of booking

For more details contact Sungold Group Directly.

To learn more about the Sungold system and training package, click here.

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