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There are many good sharpening systems available today, each with its own particular strengths. These are the Sungold recommended "best of class" sharpening systems. Sungold includes a selection of these machine in the equipment package for the Professional Sharpener Course.

These machines also can be purchased separately. See below for details and pricing information.

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Not sure which machine suits your needs?


 Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your sharpening application and make a recommendation on which machine suits your needs best.

Mini Katoku

$2 600.00
In stock
Product Details

Introducing the Mini Katoku this is the 1st time that we have combined a multi-speed machine that is manufactured in Luxembourg with the finest guide system in The world, The Katoku Guide. This guide has absolutely no play in it, The most accurate of all the guides known in the sharpening industry. We have combined these 2 units to produce a reasonably priced machine that weighs just about 7 pounds. It is a multi-speed machine that runs from 1000 to 3500 rpm and draws only 140 Watts. You have a lightweight accurate, German-made machine for a very reasonable price. There are limited quantities of these units. Order yours today for only $2600.00!

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