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There are many good sharpening systems available today, each with its own particular strengths. These are the Sungold recommended "best of class" sharpening systems. Sungold includes a selection of these machine in the equipment package for the Professional Sharpener Course.

These machines also can be purchased separately. See below for details and pricing information.

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Not sure which machine suits your needs?


 Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your sharpening application and make a recommendation on which machine suits your needs best.

New! Sungold USA made Scissor Pressure Regulator

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Product Details

The secret to restoring the smooth cutting action of a fine Japanese style scissor is perfectly profiled sharp concave edges AND a perfectly adjusted camber for smooth even cutting pressure along the scissor blades.

Adjusting the camber with a hammer and an anvil is dangerous since it can both mark the blades with hammer dings and run the risk of breaking the blade. Only a custom pressure regulator tool can safely make this critical adjustment.

Newly Improved over the Japanese versions, The USA made Sungold Scissor Pressure Regulator will restore the blade camber to factory specs safely without damaging or marking the blades. Comes complete with a 90 min English Subtitled Japanese Sharpening Technician training video.

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